“In Russ we trust”

We run weekend 4×4 tours in the UK to the Lake District, North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire Wolds, north and mid-Wales and host a five-day coast to coast tour, which takes us from the east to the west coast of the north of England. Our popular European overland tours include Galicia, the Pyrenees, the Balkans, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and the French and Italian Alps. Morocco, North Africa is one of our most popular destinations, including Tangier, the blue city of Chefchaouan, Marrakesh, the Western Sahara desert, Salamanca, Algeciras, the Atlantic coast, Essaouira, Agadir, Tarfaya and the Atlas Mountains.

As a professional 4×4 tour guide with extensive experience of guiding 4×4 adventure tours and holidays throughout the UK, Europe and Morocco, I excel at helping you plan your perfect 4×4 adventure holiday. Not just any holiday, but truly exceptional 4×4 adventures filled with inspiring and enriching experiences. I believe in seeing the world in a unique way, and I want to share my knowledge and passion for 4×4 adventures with all of you.

Ardventures is more than your average 4×4 tour operator. I, Russell Dykes, am here to show you a new and exciting way to explore new destinations. Whether you’re looking for a private 4×4 tour or would prefer to join an organised 4×4 adventure holiday with other 4×4 owners, you will have fun while learning something new about yourself and faraway destinations. Keep reading to learn more about our tours and feel free to email, text or call me on 07974 356 516 if you have any questions.