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Welcome to Ardventures, your premier destination for unforgettable 4×4 adventure tours and overland expeditions. Embark on an exhilarating journey with us as we traverse some of the most awe-inspiring destinations across the United Kingdom, Europe, and North Africa. From the rugged terrains of Wales and the Lake District to the mesmerising landscapes of the Sahara, Ardventures offers the ultimate escapades for adventure and 4×4 enthusiasts alike.

Experience the untamed beauty of nature and the excitement of conquering challenging terrains on our meticulously planned 4×4 adventure tours. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or a novice seeking thrills, we ensure a safe and thrilling expedition for all.

Discover the breathtaking wilderness of Wales, where ancient castles, hidden valleys, and rolling hills await your exploration. Traverse the North Yorkshire Moors, where historic trails merge with picturesque landscapes for an enchanting adventure. Journey through the captivating Yorkshire Dales, where dramatic peaks, quaint villages, and cascading waterfalls provide the perfect backdrop for your green lane exploration.

Prepare to be mesmerised by the stunning vistas of the Lake District, with its rugged fells, serene lakes, and verdant valleys – a UNESCO World Heritage site offering unparalleled beauty.

But our adventures extend far beyond. Ardventures takes you across borders to explore Iceland’s stunning landscapes, the Balkans’ rugged beauty, Galicia’s charm, the majestic Alps and Pyrenees, and Spain’s rugged Badlands. Venture even further to immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures and captivating landscapes of Morocco, the Western Sahara, and Tunisia.

Join us for the 4×4 adventure tour of a lifetime. Let your spirit of exploration run wild and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Ardventures holiday today and embark on a journey that will leave you yearning for more. Let the adrenaline fuel your spirit as you embrace the untamed wonders of the world. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other!


Parc du Marquenterre 26th to 28th April 2024

Price: £500.00

26-04-2024Parc du Marquenterre 26th to 28th April 2024£500.001
04-05-2024Lake District 4x4 tour 4th and 5th May 2024£250.002
10-05-2024Morocco Hotels Grand Tour 10th to the 29th May 2024£5,950.001
07-06-2024Parc du Marquenterre Jamboree (Camping) 7th to 9th June 2024£495.001
17-06-2024Coast to Coast (Camping) 4x4 Tour 17th to 21st June 2024£495.003
12-07-2024Balkans (Hotels) 4x4 tour 12th to 26th July 2024£3,795.002
05-08-2024Coast to Coast (Hotels) 4x4 tour 5th to 9th August 2024£995.002
05-10-2024Pyrenees (Hotels) 4×4 tour Les to Andorra 5th to 13th of October 2024£2,995.003
22-11-2024Morocco (Camping) Atlas Mountains and Sahara 4x4 tour 22nd Nov to 9th Dec 2024£2,000.002
11-01-2025Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4x4 tour 11th & 12th January 2025£225.005
26-01-2025Tunisia (Camping) 4x4 Tour 26th of Jan to 13th of Feb 2025£2,250.009
14-03-2025Morocco (Camping) Atlas Mountains to Riff Mountains via Sahara 14th to 31st Mar 2025£2,500.008
18-04-2025Morocco Hotels Grand Tour 18th April to the 8th May 2025£5,950.003
23-05-2025Morocco Range Rover Classic Raid 23rd of May to 9th June 2025£2,650.008
23-06-2025Coast to Coast (Hotels) 4x4 tour 23rd to 27th June 2025£995.005
05-08-2025The Grand Tour of Iceland (Camping) 5th to 21st August 2025£2,500.006
13-09-2025Pyrenees (Hotels) Navarre & Aragon Classic tour 13th of Sept to 21st of Sept 2025£2,995.005
06-12-2025Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4x4 tour 6th & 7th December 2025£225.005

North Africa

Morocco | Western Sahara | Tunisia

Morocco, in the northwestern region of North Africa, covers approximately 274 thousand square miles. Its diverse landscape includes the Atlas Mountains rising to over 4000 metres and the Moroccan Sahara covering approximately 103 thousand square miles, about 31% of Morocco’s total land area. Visiting Morocco in your own 4×4 and travelling independently enables you to experience parts of this vast country not accessible by other means. Join us on a 4×4 tour of Morocco, and you won’t be disappointed.

Tunisia, officially known as the Republic of Tunisia, is on the Mediterranean coast, bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. Its diverse landscape includes coastal plains, rolling hills, the Atlas Mountains in the north, and the vast Sahara Desert in the south.


Spain | Pyrenees | Galicia | Balkans | Iceland

We go to Jurassic-like Iceland, the Pyrenees and Alps, Galicia, and the remote desert of the Spanish Badlands. Each destination has unique qualities and individual experiences. Tours are offered in both camping and hotel formats to suit all tastes.

Our tours to the Balkans start in Ljubljana, Slovenia, continuing on a circular route of the Balkans peninsula, visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and finishing in Trieste, Italy. It’s a fantastic hotel-based tour, visiting the region’s stunning natural beauty. Throughout the tour, you will witness reminders of the vicious war that ravaged the Balkans from 1992 to 1995. It’s an educational and thought-provoking journey!

United Kingdom

Yorkshire Moors | Yorkshire Dales | Wales | Lake District

The United Kingdom has excellent trails with fantastic views you can reach in your 4×4. The North Yorkshire Moors is ideal for beginners, with easy trails and river crossings. The Yorkshire Dales presents a slightly more challenging experience. You can combine the North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales on a two-day tour. If you’re looking for a more extended break, our five-day coast-to-coast starts on either the west or east coasts and finishes on the other, taking in the North Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales, the Westmoreland Hills and the Lake District.

If you’re looking for something more arduous, our Wales tours are for you! You will need a well-prepared 4×4 with good ground clearance. Contact us before booking for advice.

Russ Dykes

Owner of Ardventures

Russ likes nothing more than exploring the world by 4×4. When he’s not overseas leading a 4×4 expedition, he will likely be found running weekend or coast-to-coast tours in the United Kingdom.

A member of RoSPA and a qualified first aider, Russ also provides 4×4 training to the NHS, Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW), and private individuals and 4×4 groups.

Who better to lead you on a 4×4 tour or an overland expedition?

Russ Dykes Owner of Ardventures

What Our Customers Say

ARDVENTURESExcellentARDVENTURES5.0See all reviews review us onDavid MolinaDavid Molina ★★★★★ Customer Service Review, NOT a review of the product itself (there is enough reviews of it for the reader to guide itself)I booked initially a Wales trip for April, due to unforseen circunstances Russ cancelled the trip, he offered some alternatives, two of them were Yorkshire or a refund.Some confusion came up where Russ thought i did not confirm and I thought i did. Regardless of this, Russ was proactive and helpful when it came time for refund, detailed explaining the issues etc.At some point i thought there was something dodgy going on, due to the fact that i was supposed to wait for a refund until someone paid something else. Nothing further from the truth.That was quickly rectified and Russ proceed without hassle to transfer the money back.Of course the dissapointment of not being able to go on the planned trip goes without saying, but i wanted for some time leave the review of a hassle free experience when dealing with Russ, I appreciate how gentlement he was when dealing with the issue. Something not really seen these days.Book a trip by all means, For the pictures i seen the adventures dont dissapoint.David.jamie parkerjamie parker ★★★★★ Thanks so much Russ! We attended the two day Lake District New Year trip and had a great time. It was my first time out in my new Hilux, and Russ was great at giving recommendations, being patient with us, but at no point being condescending. Fantastic lanes, good local knowledge, and a fabulous and social evening meal together. Definitely recommended. Cheers!Carl RichardsonCarl Richardson ★★★★★ Hi,Now we are in the NY and things are resuming normality I would just like to leave a review on my latest trip with ARDVENTURES. We went to the Lakes on the Christmas Blast. And what a blast it was. Bearing in mind we was in the clutches of a storm the weather held on day one and Russ found 5 amazing lanes for us to do. His knowledge of the lanes and vehicles is right up there. We had axle twisters, wheel lifts , rock steps and gentle landing . A perfect balance and I will be keeping an eye out for future trips with ARDVENTURESA five start trip Russ and the team thank youlance Oliverlance Oliver ★★★★★ Having a blast at ChristmasChristmas blast, Christmas blast, so good they named it twice. Or in this case ran it twice.We had a fabulous couple of days in the Lakes. Despite torrential rain and swollen rivers, Russ put together a brilliant first day. The lanes were very wet, very slippery and nicely challenging. The route fitted together perfectly despite the weather playing havoc with the original plan. The Yorkshireman really pulled it out of the bag.All the group met for tapas on the evening of day one. The wine flowed, the stories were embellished, and sombreros were worn.On day two, Russ had some technical lanes for us that tested the vehicle and the driver. From shale to chicanes, from tight gates to tricky bridges, they all made you think about getting the right approach angle. Russ was on hand to help of course.We had great driving, great tuition, and great company. Looking forward to doing it all again next Christmas.Paul HollandPaul Holland ★★★★★ Just been on a tour around the Lakes the route was well thought out both interesting and challenging. Would recommend ardventure to anyone looking for off road travelSophie KennedySophie Kennedy ★★★★★ Brilliant Christmas Blast 2023 around the Lake District.Some great technical lanes, great accommodation, fun group and a super restaurant for all 16 of us at night.Russ is great getting some of us bigger vehicles through very tight spots. Definitely book again.Becca CharronBecca Charron ★★★★★ Had a brilliant few days with Russ doing “coast to coast”. He gave us 100% confidence as a leader- despite lots of questionable jokes!! Russ taught us new ways to approach challenges, definitely recommend.robert mullinerrobert mulliner ★★★★★ We had an amazing week on the coast to coast trip across Yorkshire and the Lakes. Russ is very knowledgeable and good fun. Can’t wait to come back for another trip.Liz MullinerLiz Mulliner ★★★★★ We’ve just finished doing the coast to coast trip with Russ from Robin Hood’s Bay to Bootle. What a week! We had such a blast every day. Russ is such a good guide and A+ sense of humour. We’ve already booked to go to Morocco next year.Nathan OrtonNathan Orton ★★★★★ Russ is a top bloke and a great guide. Made us very welcome and his local knowledge and banter over the radio is spot on. Made for a very entertaining trip. I will definitely be booking again.js_loader
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