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Welcome to Ardventures, your gateway to unforgettable 4×4 adventure tours and overland expeditions. Embark on a thrilling journey with us as we explore some of the most breathtaking destinations across the United Kingdom, Europe and North Africa. From the rugged terrains of Wales and the Lake District to the mesmerising landscapes of the Sahara, we offer the ultimate escapades for adventure and 4×4 enthusiasts like you.

Discover the untamed beauty of nature and the thrill of conquering challenging terrains on our carefully crafted 4×4 tours. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a beginner looking to embrace the excitement, we will ensure an exhilarating and safe adventure for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the stunning wilderness of Wales, where ancient castles, hidden valleys, and rolling hills await. Traverse the North Yorkshire Moors, where picturesque landscapes blend with historic trails, offering an enchanting experience like no other. Journey through the captivating Yorkshire Dales, where dramatic peaks, charming villages, and cascading waterfalls create a picturesque backdrop for your green lane exploration.

Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring vistas of the Lake District. Explore its rugged fells, mirror-like lakes, and lush valleys, immersing yourself in the serene beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

But our adventures don’t stop there. Ardventures takes you beyond borders, exploring the stunning landscapes of Iceland, the Balkans, Galicia, the majestic Alps and Pyrenees, and the rugged Spanish Badlands in Spain. Venture even further and experience the vibrant cultures and mesmerising landscapes of Morocco, the Western Sahara, and Tunisia.

Join us on the 4×4 adventure tour of a lifetime. Unleash your spirit of exploration and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Ardventures holiday today and embark on a journey that will leave you longing for more. Let the adrenaline fuel your spirit as you embrace the untamed wonders of the world. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

Yorkshire Dales Xmas Blast 2022 Lance Oliver

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Xmas Blast 30th & 31st December 2023

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30-12-2023Xmas Blast 30th & 31st December 2023£250.003
06-01-2024Tunisia (Camping) 4x4 Tour 8th to 23rd January 2024£1,995.002
15-02-2024Wales 4x4 tour 15th & 16th Feb 2024£250.003
19-02-2024Wales 4x4 tour 19th & 20th Feb 2024£250.003
02-03-2024Lake District 4x4 tour 2nd and 3rd March 2024£225.001
10-05-2024Morocco Hotels Grand Tour 10th to the 29th May 2024£5,950.002
07-06-2024Parc du Marquenterre Jamboree (Camping) 7th to 9th June 2024£495.005
17-06-2024Coast to Coast (Camping) 4x4 Tour 17th to 21st June 2024£495.003
12-07-2024Balkans (Hotels) 4x4 tour 12th to 26th July 2024£3,795.004
05-08-2024Coast to Coast (Hotels) 4x4 tour 5th to 9th August 2024£995.004
16-08-2024Spanish Badlands (Camping) 4x4 Tour 16th to 28th of August 2024£1,450.003
05-10-2024Pyrenees (Hotels) 4×4 tour Les to Andorra 5th to 13th of October 2024£2,995.004
22-11-2024Morocco (Camping) Atlas Mountains and Sahara 4x4 tour 22nd Nov to 9th Dec 2024£2,000.008
11-01-2025Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4x4 tour 11th & 12th January 2025£200.005
15-02-2025Wales 4x4 tour 15th & 16th Feb 2025£250.005
14-03-2025Morocco (Camping) Atlas Mountains to Riff Mountains via Sahara 14th to 31st Mar 2025£2,500.008
18-04-2025Morocco Hotels Grand Tour 18th April to the 8th May 2025£5,950.005
23-06-2025Coast to Coast (Hotels) 4x4 tour 23rd to 27th June 2025£995.005
05-08-2025The Grand Tour of Iceland (Camping) 5th to 21st August 2025£2,500.005
06-12-2025Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4x4 tour 6th & 7th December 2025£200.005

North Africa

Morocco | Western Sahara | Tunisia

Morocco, in the northwestern region of North Africa, covers approximately 274 thousand square miles. Its diverse landscape includes the Atlas Mountains rising to over 4000 metres and the Moroccan Sahara covering approximately 103 thousand square miles, about 31% of Morocco’s total land area. Visiting Morocco in your own 4×4 and travelling independently enables you to experience parts of this vast country not accessible by other means. Join us on a 4×4 tour of Morocco, and you won’t be disappointed.

Tunisia, officially known as the Republic of Tunisia, is on the Mediterranean coast, bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. Its diverse landscape includes coastal plains, rolling hills, the Atlas Mountains in the north, and the vast Sahara Desert in the south.


Spain | Pyrenees | Galicia | Balkans | Iceland

We go to Jurassic-like Iceland, the Pyrenees and Alps, Galicia, and the remote desert of the Spanish Badlands. Each destination has unique qualities and individual experiences. Tours are offered in both camping and hotel formats to suit all tastes.

Our tours to the Balkans start in Ljubljana, Slovenia, continuing on a circular route of the Balkans peninsula, visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and finishing in Trieste, Italy. It’s a fantastic hotel-based tour, visiting the region’s stunning natural beauty. Throughout the tour, you will witness reminders of the vicious war that ravaged the Balkans from 1992 to 1995. It’s an educational and thought-provoking journey!

United Kingdom

Yorkshire Moors | Yorkshire Dales | Wales | Lake District

The United Kingdom has amazing trails with fantastic views you can reach in your 4×4. The North Yorkshire Moors is ideal for beginners, with easy trails and river crossings. The Yorkshire Dales presents a slightly more challenging experience. You can combine the North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales on a two-day tour. If you’re looking for a longer break, our five-day coast-to-coast starts on either the west or east coasts and finishes on the other, taking in the North Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales, the Westmoreland Hills and the Lake District.

If you’re looking for something more arduous, our Wales tours are for you! You will need a well-prepared 4×4 with good ground clearance. Contact us before booking for advice.

Russ Dykes

Owner of Ardventures

Russ likes nothing more than exploring the world by 4×4. When he’s not overseas leading a 4×4 expedition, he will most likely be found running weekend or coast-to-coast tours in the United Kingdom.

A member of RoSPA and a qualified first aider, Russ also provides 4×4 training to the NHS, Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW), and private individuals and 4×4 groups.

Who better to lead you on a 4×4 tour or an overland expedition?

Russ Dykes Owner of Ardventures

What Our Customers Say

Excellent5.0 review us onBecca CharronBecca Charron ★★★★★ Had a brilliant few days with Russ doing “coast to coast”. He gave us 100% confidence as a leader- despite lots of questionable jokes!! Russ taught us new ways to approach challenges, definitely recommend.robert mullinerrobert mulliner ★★★★★ We had an amazing week on the coast to coast trip across Yorkshire and the Lakes. Russ is very knowledgeable and good fun. Can’t wait to come back for another trip.Liz MullinerLiz Mulliner ★★★★★ We’ve just finished doing the coast to coast trip with Russ from Robin Hood’s Bay to Bootle. What a week! We had such a blast every day. Russ is such a good guide and A+ sense of humour. We’ve already booked to go to Morocco next year.Nathan OrtonNathan Orton ★★★★★ Russ is a top bloke and a great guide. Made us very welcome and his local knowledge and banter over the radio is spot on. Made for a very entertaining trip. I will definitely be booking again.David MassieDavid Massie ★★★★★ Second outing with Russ, this time three days in North Wales. Excellent adventure despite the biblical rain, with Russ providing the usual entertaining and informative commentary as well as advice and guidance on hazards within the variety of lanes we travelled. Great bunch of fellow travellers too providing a thoroughly enjoyable the trip.Steven MacklinSteven Macklin ★★★★★ Enjoy the freedom of travelling with the people that knowJane SmithJane Smith ★★★★★ We have just returned home in our 1987 Land Rover 110 having completed a fantastic coast-to-coast camping tour lead by Russ from Ardventures. What a fabulous 5 days driving along some of the most spectacular lanes and terrain that the UK has to offer, with a lovely like-minded group of people. What stunning scenery. The guidance, knowledge and advice from Russ was always welcome. See you on another trip soon, Russ.David BardwellDavid Bardwell ★★★★★ I have completed the recent Coast to Coast event with Ardventures and was impressed with the whole trip. We were in the 70s Landrover and finished the route with no problems. The route was well chosen allowing some great access to dramatic countryside and views whilst being well guided along some fine unsurfaced tracks. The leaders knowledge and experience shining through at all times, with useful tips flowing across the radios to ensure we could cope with the nature of all the roads .The atmosphere amongst the whole group was ideal and the good will palpable .The chosen campsites we’re also well suited to purpose.We would also recommend this tour to anyone considering a further Ardventures expedition abroad, as being ideal to fine tune both vehicle and driver.Thank you Russ and all the other entrants for a memorable week.Charles BellCharles Bell ★★★★★ Just completed a five day 4x4 UK coast-to-coast (camping) in a 90’ Defender (2012), with Russ as our host and guide. Had an amazing experience! It was a really nice group of people to share the experience with too.Loads of green lanes across the Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, putting the driver and vehicle to the challenge in a very controlled manner (Thanks to Russ)On our tour there were 5 vehicles spanning 50 Years of Land Rover engineering with an early 1970’s Series 3, up to and including the current Defender. All very capable to complete the experience without issue.I am Cumbrian and brought up in the Lake District, and I thought I knew “all the country lanes” in my local parish…..I was wrong! Some on the tracks we were lucky enough to use were right under my nose all this time and Russ helped me fall back in love with my home county (as well as North Yorkshire)Thank you Russ and the rest of the group who allowed us to have a weeks adventure we will remember forever!Gary ChapmanGary Chapman ★★★★★ Just completed the Morocco 2023 trip with Russ from Ardventures. What a trip, one of the best holidays ive ever had. Very accommodating, allowing for the individual dynamics of the group of people on this trip. Delivered what was described in the travel brief. Booking another trip next year.Lance OliverLance Oliver ★★★★★ We recently had a fabulous tour of Morocco with Russ. It was an unusual trip, we were the only other vehicle as it was a special occasion - an 18th Birthday celebration for our son.

Russ tailored the trip to include a mix of things we wanted to do as a family. From sand dune driving to surfing the Atlantic, from mud huts to Michelin standard food, and from a Bond crater to Barbary apes, we saw and did it all.

We had some full-on days, and yet still had time to wax lyrical over dinner about how amazing the day was, and how tired we were!

Russ knows his stuff about Morocco and managed to fend off the millions of questions we had about villages, wildlife, and the cost of toll roads.

Whether you're an experienced 'off-roader' or 4x4 newbie, Russ will make sure you push the boundaries of your driving skills and capability of your vehicle, while keeping everyone safe and making sure you have a brilliant tale to tell when you get home.

If you're looking to do something different, then give Ardventures a call, you'll not be disappointed.
Nicola OliverNicola Oliver ★★★★★ We recently had a fabulous tour of Morocco with Russ. It was an unusual trip, we were the only other vehicle as it was a special occasion - an 18th Birthday celebration for our son.Russ tailored the trip to include a mix of things we wanted to do as a family. From sand dune driving to surfing the Atlantic, from mud huts to Michelin standard food, and from a Bond crater to Barbary apes, we saw and did it all.We had some full-on days, and yet still had time to wax lyrical over dinner about how amazing the day was, and how tired we were!Russ knows his stuff about Morocco and managed to fend off the millions of questions we had about villages, wildlife, and the cost of toll roads.Whether you're an experienced 'off-roader' or 4x4 newbie, Russ will make sure you push the boundaries of your driving skills and capability of your vehicle, while keeping everyone safe and making sure you have a brilliant tale to tell when you get home.If you're looking to do something different, then give Ardventures a call, you'll not be disappointed.Ian WalkerIan Walker ★★★★★ Excellent training and instructionCarl RichardsonCarl Richardson ★★★★★ I bought my first Land Rover in December and with in week or so I found myself talking with Ardventures regarding a one to one day
Wow what a day I have just had in the Yorkshire Dales with Russ.
His knowledge of the Defender and the terrain is outstanding. I have never drove a 4x4 before
(In fact my email to Russ was headed Total Novice 😂) Russ made me feel very welcome and talked me through the whole day
I can’t recommend this one to one enough
I can’t wait to get out again

Thank you
Karen GibbsKaren Gibbs ★★★★★ Awesome expedition with Ardventures in their Moroccan Atlas Mountains and Sahara camping tour. Plenty of preparation detail sent out before the trip. Well organised and felt very safe as a single female traveller. Great knowledge and respect of the country shown. I was well supported to get my vehicle mended after a ‘slight hiccup’!
This tour delivered the mountains and the sand and all things in between. Epic surroundings and such culture experienced.
Met some amazing people who are now friends. None of this could have been achieved without you Russ. Thank you for an amazing experience. If you’re thinking of going on a trek… think no more…just book!
Rich CanterburyRich Canterbury ★★★★★ I have just returned from an absolutely amazing trip to Morocco with Russ from Ardventures, and words really do not describe the experience. The country, scenery and driving experience are truly out of this world.Russ's attention to detail on the trip really put you at ease, allowing you to enjoy the trip without worrying about the complications.His local knowledge, map skills and off road driving instruction shines through, and he is a born story teller, sharing history and local facts about the areas travelled through.I have previously been on Ardventures UK trips in Yorkshire, The Lakes and Wales, just to get a feel for the trips whilst building up to the trip of a lifetime to Morocco.Highly recommended for a good social green laning weekend in the UK, or further afield for the more adventurous.I'm already planning my next trip with them and can't wait.Beth WilsonBeth Wilson ★★★★★ Wow! We have had an awesome Ardventure!Driving the glorious green lanes of Yorkshire and the Lake District, this trip delivered so much more than epic scenic views. We were introduced to some unique pubs, serving the most delicious food and were enlightened with interesting knowledge about our route throughout our journey.Thank you Russ for guiding us from coast to coast with your great sense of humour. We look forward to our next Ardventure with you!Ceri & Beth WilsonBeth WilsonBeth Wilson ★★★★★ Wow! We have had an awesome Ardventure!

Driving the glorious green lanes of Yorkshire and the Lake District, this trip delivered so much more than epic scenic views. We were introduced to some unique pubs, serving the most delicious food and were enlightened with interesting knowledge about our route throughout our journey.

Thank you Russ for guiding us from coast to coast with your great sense of humour. We look forward to our next Ardventure with you!

Ceri & Beth Wilson
Gary CrosslandGary Crossland ★★★★★ Our family (including the dog) just completed the coast 2 coast camping trip with Russ. What an incredible week - the perfect blend of fun, stunning scenery, great people, lots of laughs and testing our abilities to drive through some challenging obstacles. Thanks to everyone on the trip for a truly memorable time, we are sad it's over , but have already started talking about our next Ardventure.Neil CoxNeil Cox ★★★★★ Great week on the coast to coast many thanksPete GertyPete Gerty ★★★★★ We had such a great 5day adventure meandering from coast to coast with ARDventures. Beautiful views interjected with some of the best lanes in the country. Russ is top bloke who is the perfect mix of Yorkshire lad and professional guide, he’s very knowledgeable of both the areas we passed through and the capabilities of the vehicles he’s leading. With top draw banter and interesting titbits thrown in we had a great time!! Personally cannot recommend Ardventures enough to anyone and everyone. If you new or an old hand in the world of green lanes/adventure Russ is your man! Already looking at Morocco and Iceland what more can I say…Michelle MurrayMichelle Murray ★★★★★ Just returned from the camping Coast to Coast trip with Russ and we already have the blues. Brilliant 5 days exploring Yorkshire and the Lake District. From the moment of booking the trip Russ was fantastic, prompt to respond to enquiries and a detailed itinerary sent. I would highly recommend an adventure with @ARDVentures very professional, prepared, excellent knowledge of the area, off-roading, overlanding and makes every moment fun. We are very much looking forward to getting another adventure booked with Russ ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️Richard SindallRichard Sindall ★★★★★ I took so much away from a recent training weekend. I found the training fun but safe and informative. its hard not to learn from a guy who's knowledge of the subject is comprehensive.
Russell and all his staff are knowledgeable and approachable. great weekend great training.
Ashley LewisAshley Lewis ★★★★★ I’ve now done 3 tours with Russ and Ardventures with each one surpassing the previous but getting more exciting, especially the Morocco & Sahara trip that we’ve just returned from. All tours are very well organised with expert knowledge, flexibility to consider vehicles and drivers ability and always the opportunity to learn more about your car and driving skills under expert guidance. I’ve now just booked the Mid Wales tour and will probably do the Balkans next year so clearly can highly recommend Ardventures if you want to get the most out of your vehicle whist having some fun, seeing spectacular places and meeting some great like-minded people. Keep up the good work!karen beaumontkaren beaumont ★★★★★ We have just returned from an amazing experience, far more than just a holiday, with Russ from Ardventures driving to and around Morocco - April 2022. Morocco was breathtaking and the people so friendly. Russ has so much experience and knowledge that even when issues arise, as they always do, he managed to sort things out with confidence and in a professional manner. It was a great way to see the real Morocco and to experience driving through different landscapes with like minded people. Also amazing but varied hotel accomodation throughout. We look forward to our next trip with him. Alan and KarenNicky QuayleNicky Quayle ★★★★★ We've been on the Morocco, Pyrenees and UK Coast to Coast Adventures. Going to each with an open mind has meant all of them have been a fantastic experience with Russ providing driving guidance and entertainment all the way. 😁 Such a fantastic way to experience the real heart of the places only accessible by 4x4s with other like minded folk. We'll definitely be doing more trips.Mark HowarthMark Howarth ★★★★★ We had such a fantastic week in November (2021) doing the coast to coast east to west met some great people had an absolutely great time we had to do it again!! March (2022) again we met some great people did some lanes we didn’t do last time and we did it west to east which made it a little more interesting. Russ is such a great guy professional knows what he’s talking about makes the trip interesting and fun would highly recommend Ardventures to anyone who’s new to green lanes/adventure driving or even experienced off road drivers. Can’t wait to plan more trips with russ. Cheers bud 👍🏻Joanne WelchJoanne Welch ★★★★★ Would highly recommend , just back from Coast to Coast and looking forward to booking our next trip.Kim FarrerKim Farrer ★★★★★ Absolutely amazing time. Well organised, great people, had scary moments for me and a barrel of laughs the entire trip. Will be booking the next one soon!Update we did book another trip with the company 4 months later! And again absolutely amazing time again. And definitely looking ahead to booking another soon. Would highly recommend anyone who wants a Well organised holiday off roading. Some nice gentle lanes and not forgetting the more technical lanes that put myself on the edgeof my seat! Gained confidence on the last trip for the knarkly tracks this time round haha! See you again soon!Kate MorganKate Morgan ★★★★★ We attended an MREW winch course with Russ; it was really enjoyable, we had a lot of fun and we learnt stuff 🙂 Lots of practical application and time to ask any number of questions plus support for what kit to use/purchase for the future - really helpful all round for us & our teamKim FarrerKim Farrer ★★★★★ Had such an amazing time on the coast to coast. Couldn't thank enough for the entertainment the entire week. Getting another booked soon!Charlie WarrenCharlie Warren ★★★★★ We had a great experience on a 5 day coast to coast tour with Russ. Russ is very knowledgeable. We can’t wait to book again.Francesca GoddenFrancesca Godden ★★★★★ We have just got back from a 5 day coast to coast tour with Russ. We had an amazing time. We enjoyed the technical lanes we went on, we wouldn’t have been able to do them on our own. Russ makes it very easy telling you which gears to be in and which paths to take. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in green lanes. Would recommend and can’t wait to come back. Thanks Russ 😀Kathryn SettreyKathryn Settrey ★★★★★ First time driving off road properly. Learned what my vehicle can do. A fun day around the North York moors seeing bits I hadn't seen before. Humour and history lesson thrown in, win win. I'll definitely do it again and thoroughly recommend Russell and Ardventures.Wendy HugginsWendy Huggins ★★★★★ Well organised and thoroughly informative day, in the basics of 4x4 handling..

Great routes, around the North York Moors with break stops and local information given..

Although co piloting my friend, I learned an awful lot and will deff be taking my own D4 for an off road learning experience, at some point in the future..

If you’ve ever wanted to take your 4x4 off road and learn how to drive it properly, on green lanes with stunning views and varying terrain, then Russ and Ardventure is your man…
Howard TaylorHoward Taylor ★★★★★ Just attended a specialised 4X4 training course for Mountain Rescue Teams with Russ, Professional, informative and a real expert in his field. On top of that he is an excellent teacher and a truly nice chap.
Thanks Russ.
John LeadbetterJohn Leadbetter ★★★★★ Having completed a 4x4 Training Course with Russ (Ardventures). A great time had by all. Very well structured, presented and balanced amount of classroom theory / outdoor practical to suit many learning styles. Fun through out.Howard TaylorHoward Taylor ★★★★★ Excellent tuition from a 4x4 genius.Don LeighDon Leigh ★★★★★ Back from another great Ardventures trip around the green lanes of Yorkshire. Thanks Russ!David LeesDavid Lees ★★★★★ Just finished a second trip with Ardventures and again this one did not disappoint! An excellent weekend on the Yorkshire Moors and Dales, as usual Russ delivered an amazing experience with first class guidance. If you’re looking for expert guidance and well planned and delivered off road trips; you don’t need to look anywhere else other than Ardventures. Already looking at my next trip with them.Mark BaxterMark Baxter ★★★★★ Great weekend in North Yorkshire. Russ was a fantastic leader. Already on the website looking for next trip.Gill DonleyGill Donley ★★★★★ Fantastic weekend driving the North Yorkshire Moors & Dales. Once again Russ went above and beyond to ensure a great time was had by all, including helping us with accommodation. Really looking forward to our next Ardventure!Project AdventuresProject Adventures ★★★★★ Just finished a Yorkshire Dales and Moors weekend tour with Russ and Ardventures. Brilliant weekend, well organised with fantastic routes and good company. Highly recommended.Stuart HignellStuart Hignell ★★★★★ Russ knows how to run a tour. We have been on a number of his trips, both in the UK and abroad and I cannot fault his professionalism, customer service and leadership skills. He is infinitely knowledgeable, always giving titbits of local information and helpful off-road advice based on his many years of experience leading trips to basic beginners to more experienced drivers. You will always feel safe and learn new skills and how to get the best out of your vehicle, confident that he is always watching and looking after you.Steve BaylissSteve Bayliss ★★★★★ We did a 4x4 training day with Russ at Ardventures. We spent the morning at the purpose built training centre and the afternoon on some amazing lanes in the Yorkshire Dales. Learnt so much about our vehicle, what it can do and how to drive it. Amazing scenery and expert tuition helped us drive trails we never thought we could do. Would highly recommend.David FouldsDavid Foulds ★★★★★ Have been on a couple of group tours with Ardventures. Well run, considerate, professional and informative. No hesitation in recommending them.Colin HarveyColin Harvey ★★★★★ From booking to going on the 4x4 day the experience was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and gave me confidence to use my family 4x4.

There was never a rush, it was well planned, and fun.

You don't necessarily need a modified 4x4 for the South Lakes to North Lakes route, save for decent all terrain tyres maybe, so there is no excuse to go and use your Chelsea Tractor for whats it's designed for!

A great day out for me and 9yr old, who is reliving the day again this morning looking at all the shared pictures provided by the group.

Thanks, Russ, we'll see you on the York Moors trip next time.

Alastair and Colin
Niamh ChapmanNiamh Chapman ★★★★★ Great week away with Russ from Ardventures. Great guy and company. Assisted us drivers with all technical sections, brilliant knowledge of all vehicles, capabilities and over all setup.James GormanJames Gorman ★★★★★ I recently bought an old Land Rover Defender and figured I needed to learn how to drive it off road. So, for the second time, I turned to Russ at Ardventures. Another brilliant day out in the Yorkshire Dales (the previous time was in my Nissan overland truck). Russ takes you beyond what you think you (and your vehicle) is capable of, giving you the skills and confidence to drive your vehicle safely on challenging terrain and explore this amazing planet we are on. He's also a font of knowledge on overland travel and just about every 4x4 vehicle. Highly recommended.Ben MairBen Mair ★★★★★ Thanks to Russ and Mic for a great couple of days in North Yorkshire, a company that cannot be bettered.
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