One-to-One 4×4 Overlanding Preparation and Training

Prepare yourself and your vehicle for a 4×4 overland adventure

Going Overlanding for the first time, or want to know how to get the best out of your 4×4?

One-to-One 4x4 Overlanding Preparation and Training
Russ and R5 ARD somewhere in Morocco
Russ Dykes tour guide and 4x4 instructor

Russ has years of experience teaching off-road driver training to organisations such as Mountain Rescue England & Wales and HART/NHS. He has led expeditions in North Africa, the Balkans, Iceland, Europe and the UK. Land Rover Owner International and Land Rover Monthly Magazines often feature his treks.

On a one-to-one day, you will travel through and along river beds in a real-world environment, rock crawl challenging obstacles, and learn how to deal with unexpected events. It’s called “drive to arrive!”

  • How your 4×4 works
  • How to drive safely and with empathy for your vehicle
  • Self-recovery, winching, types of recovery equipment
  • Vehicle preparation, tyres, suspension, modifications
  • First aid equipment, comms, emergency response, Mapping Systems

Preparing for a 4×4 overland trip requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Before embarking on a 4×4 overland trip, your vehicle must be in good condition. You may also consider installing aftermarket modifications such as underbody protection and traction aids. Accidents can happen, especially when travelling off-road. A well-stocked first aid kit is essential to be prepared for medical emergencies. Communications and emergency response devices are important for safety, as is a GPS mapping system to help you navigate your way and stay on your intended route (getting lost in remote places can be life-threatening). Don’t just carry one device, have a backup; there is no better backup than a printed map. Appropriate recovery equipment will be needed in case you have to recover your vehicle. If you’re camping, you must choose the appropriate equipment for your travel region and the anticipated climatic conditions.

A one-to-one day with Russ will provide you with the vital knowledge you need to succeed on your adventures.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a one-to-one day with Russ is £550. You will receive an assessment report on the completion of the day.


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