4×4 Routes and Trails

What to expect on our routes and trails

North Yorkshire Moors

The routes and trails of the North Yorkshire Moors are among the least challenging we offer. Each route is meticulously planned to showcase breathtaking vistas from the highest moor to the deepest dale. The experience includes several river crossings, and it is important to note that their safety cannot be guaranteed on the day of the tour. Each crossing is assessed upon arrival to determine if attempting is safe. If we deem the risk too high, we will divert. While such diversions are rare, we prioritise safety above all, believing it is better to live to fight another day than to risk vehicles and, more importantly, lives.

Our North Yorkshire Moors tours are the ideal starting point for novice drivers or those concerned about their vehicle’s ability to cope.

Technical Rating: Easy.

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales can be considered a “step up” from the North Yorkshire Moors, offering more challenging terrain but arguably even more spectacular views. Like the Moors, the weather in the Dales can change rapidly. When conditions worsen, it can become extremely cold, especially at higher altitudes such as the top of Fremington Edge. We’ve experienced horizontal rain up there, where the wind is so strong that it can force your vehicle door shut or even rip it off if you try to open it when the wind is blowing from the rear of your vehicle. Yes, it can get that intense.

The North Yorkshire Moors and Yorkshire Dales can be combined into a weekend trip. It’s one of our most popular UK tours.

Technical Rating: Easy to Moderate.

Lake District

This UNESCO World Heritage site needs little introduction. It has earned worldwide acclaim as one of the most beautiful areas in the United Kingdom. If you’ve never experienced the beautiful scenery of the Lake District, add this to your wish list; the lakes and the mountains are stunning. There are many lanes in the Lake District that you can traverse in your 4×4.

A five-day coast-to-coast tour can combine the North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales, and the Lake District.

Technical Rating: Moderate.

Mid & North Wales

Mid and North Wales is a stunning scenic area with plenty of lanes for your 4×4. However, the weather and the terrain can be harsh and punishing for you and your vehicle, especially in the winter when the terrain is wet and slippery. We will only take well-prepared 4×4 vehicles to Wales.

Technical Rating: Challenging with a higher-than-average risk of vehicle damage.

Overseas Tours

Our overseas tours are not meant to be challenging—we do not want you to break your vehicle in the Sahara or other desolate places. Instead, they are more of an adventure, visiting places with outstanding scenery. That doesn’t mean they are easy either; getting to remote locations in the mountains or the Sahara does require a well-equipped vehicle capable of withstanding the climatic conditions you will encounter. The only exception to this is perhaps Parc du Marquenterre in France.

Technical Rating: Easy to Moderate.

12-07-2024Balkans (Hotels) 4x4 tour 12th to 26th July 2024£3,795.002
23-09-2024France Champagne Trail September 23rd to 25th 2024£995.001
05-10-2024Pyrenees (Hotels) 4×4 tour Les to Andorra 5th to 13th of October 2024£2,995.001
26-10-2024Lake District 4x4 tour 26th and 27th of October 2024£250.002
09-11-2024The Best of the Yorkshire Dales 9th and 10th of November 2024£225.002
22-11-2024Morocco (Camping) Atlas Mountains and Sahara 4x4 tour 22nd Nov to 9th Dec 2024£2,000.001
11-01-2025Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4x4 tour 11th & 12th January 2025£225.005
26-01-2025Tunisia (Camping) 4x4 Tour 26th of Jan to 13th of Feb 2025£2,250.009
14-03-2025Morocco (Camping) Atlas Mountains to Riff Mountains via Sahara 14th to 31st Mar 2025£2,500.008
18-04-2025Morocco Hotels Grand Tour 18th April to the 8th May 2025£5,950.003
23-05-2025Morocco Range Rover Classic Raid 23rd of May to 9th June 2025£2,650.007
13-06-2025Parc du Marquenterre 13th to 15th June 2025£575.007
23-06-2025Coast to Coast (Hotels) 4x4 tour 23rd to 27th June 2025£995.005
19-07-2025French Alps (Hotels) 4x4 Tour 19th to 26th July 2025£2,995.005
13-09-2025Pyrenees (Hotels) Les to Andorra Classic Tour 13th of Sept to 21st of Sept 2025£2,995.005
06-12-2025Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4x4 tour 6th & 7th December 2025£225.005
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