Balkans 4×4 Tours

A Balkans 4×4 tour is a journey of contrasts, one of beautiful scenery and peaceful antiquated towns and villages; the other a reminder of the Balkans war that ravaged the region not too long ago.

The war started when the Croatian government declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991; opposed by the Croat Serbs who were backed by the Serb JNA, a bloody and vicious war followed that has been likened to the Seige of Stalingrad because of the level of brutality inflicted. Evidence of the war is still visible to this day across the whole region.

The tour starts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and you will travel through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro, finishing back in Italy after doing a loop of the Balkans peninsula. It’s a thought-provoking journey.

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