Our Coast to Coast tour is always special, bringing together like-minded people on a five-day journey from the east to the west coast of the north of England. It is the people that make these tours so enjoyable.

We, unfortunately, lost one vehicle with a fuel problem before the tour even started, but Russ used his contacts to have the vehicle recovered to RCM 4×4 near York. The owners left the vehicle there and will return and collect it when it is repaired. The customer was given a credit for the tour to use at a later date. We look forward to seeing them next year.

The rest of the group set off and enjoyed a full day on the North Yorkshire Moors before heading over to Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales for a two-night stay in the Golden Lion at Leyburn. The Golden Lion is run by Debbie and Dave, and we have to say, they are always available for their guests and make great hosts. The beer and food in the olden Lion are excellent, and the breakfasts are equally enjoyable.

Defender 110 in the Yorkshire Dales

The above lane in the Yorkshire Dales is very steep and the switchback makes it interesting for larger vehicles like this 110, but if you take the right line it’s fairly straightforward. The descent is steep and rocky, and there is a river crossing to negotiate at the bottom before ascending the steep climb and switch back on the other side. The photo below gives some indication of just how steep this lane is.

Mtisbishi Shogun

After two days exploring the Yorkshire Dales, it was off to the Lake District by way of the Westmorland Hills. The base for the next two days would be the Russland Pool Hotel in the southern lakes area, form where the best of the trails in the Lake District were explored.

On the final day, we drove Wrynose and Hardknott passes over to the west coast where we all said our goodbyes. Everyone had a great time and there were some good laughs and bonding during the tour. Good friends were made and we look forward to meeting with them all again in the future.

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