Coast to Coast (Camping) 4×4 Tour 17th to 21st June 2024


Availability: 2 places available (1 place = 1 vehicle. Camping fees are not included in the price of this tour.)

Important Information

If you have never been on one of our tours before and there is anything you are uncertain about, please contact us before booking.

Tour Requirements

What you will need

  • All vehicles must be road legal, so insured, taxed and have a valid MOT (if required).
  • Full size spare wheel.
  • No low profile tyres (i.e. greater than 20").
  • Off-road biased tyres are required.
  • Tread patterns such as BFG AT and quality MT's are OK, but aggressive remoulds such as Insta-Turbo are incompatible with our tread-lightly policy and will not be accepted on our tours.
  • It is advisable to carry warm clothing and wet weather gear all year round.
  • Although we normally stop at a local pub for lunch, it is advisable to carry drinks and snacks for the day, just in case our schedule is delayed.
  • A full tank of fuel for each day.

What we carry

  • SPOT emergency tracker response rescue unit.
  • Defibrillator
  • Emergency first aid kit
  • Hand-held radios will be provided for the duration.
  • Tools and diagnostics for Land Rovers and Jeeps.
  • Recovery equipment.
  • Puncture repair kit and air compressor.

Technical Rating

Moderate - will encounter obstacles that can be negotiated by most 4x4 vehicles with reasonable ground clearance. Minimum all-terrain tyres required..

SKU: 2024-06-17-001-20306

Introducing the “Coast to Coast (Camping) 4×4 Tour” – Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit!

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire and Cumbria with our exhilarating Coast to Coast (Camping) 4×4 Tour. This five-day expedition will take you on an epic adventure starting from the captivating Robin Hoods Bay and leading you through the breathtaking North Yorkshire Moors, the enchanting Yorkshire Dales, the majestic Westmoreland hills, and culminating on the captivating west coast of Cumbria.

Day 1: Robin Hoods Bay – A Thrilling Beginning
Your expedition commences in the charming seaside village of Robin Hoods Bay, a place steeped in history and natural beauty. Prepare to be amazed as you embark on this thrilling 4×4 journey, filled with stunning coastal views and the promise of adrenaline-fueled escapades ahead.

Days 2-3: Yorkshire Dales – Nature’s Masterpiece
Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Yorkshire Dales as we spend two unforgettable days exploring this iconic national park. Marvel at the lush green valleys, rugged limestone cliffs, and cascading waterfalls that adorn this scenic wonderland. Our expert guides will lead you through hidden trails and scenic routes, ensuring you experience the best this remarkable landscape offers.

Days 4-5: Lake District – Awe-Inspiring Majesty
Prepare to be enchanted as we venture into the heart of the Lake District, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and serene lakes. Spend two exhilarating days discovering the picturesque landscapes that have inspired poets and artists for centuries. Traverse winding mountain passes, capture the beauty of tranquil lakes and soak in the serenity of this natural paradise.

Camping under the Stars – Unforgettable Nights
Throughout your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the true essence of outdoor living as we set up camp in the most picturesque locations. Imagine gathering around a crackling campfire, sharing stories of the day’s adventures, and falling asleep under a blanket of stars.

Expert Guides – Unparalleled Knowledge and Safety
Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about the areas we explore and possess in-depth knowledge of the region’s history, geology, and wildlife. They will regale you with fascinating stories and insider tips, ensuring your experience is both educational and entertaining. Rest assured, your safety is our top priority, and our guides are equipped to handle any situation that may arise during the journey.

Join us on the Coast to Coast (Camping) 4×4 Tour and create memories that will last a lifetime. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of England, embrace the spirit of adventure, and forge connections with fellow explorers. Book your place today and get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

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    One pitch camping fee included for each day excluding the last day.

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