Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your review. This is not by any means a definitive list and if there is anything not quite clear, please contact us and we will respond to your questions.

Is my vehicle suitable for a 4×4 tour?

If your vehicle has a 4×4 system (4×4 or AWD) it is most likely suitable for most of our tours. The pre-requisite is that it must have at least all-terrain tyres and a full-size spare wheel. Low profile tyres (anything greater than 20″) are NOT suitable for any of our tours. We do operate “suitable for all” tours which are suitable for standard 4×4’s such as the Freelander and Nissan X-Trail, where we take you on non-damaging and non-scratchy trails. These tours do not necessarily require all-terrain tyres but you absolutely must have a full-size spare.

Wales tours are only suitable for well-prepared 4×4 vehicles. The likes of Land Rover Defenders, Landrover Discovery 1 and 2, and Jeep Wranglers should be suitable in standard form. All other vehicles may require modifications to improve ground clearance (ramp over angle) and approach and departure angles. You must have a low ratio box and at least all-terrain tyres.

If you are in any doubt of whatsoever about the suitability of your vehicle please call us for advice before booking.

Do I need to carry any special equipment?

The only thing you need to carry on our tours is snacks and drinks and all-weather clothing as appropriate for the tour. We carry all the recovery equipment that may be required. Our equipment is tested and certified and even if you have your own, we will insist you use ours in the event a recovery is required for safety reasons.

What if I break down?

If you break down on a UK tour we will make all reasonable efforts to get you and your vehicle back to the main highway and within mobile phone signal range. However, from that point, you will be expected to arrange the recovery of yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle to a repair centre.

If you break down on an overseas tour, you will not be left stranded, even if your vehicle cannot be repaired. We have good relationships with vehicle workshops in all the areas we travel. If your vehicle cannot be repaired and you wish to continue your journey it may be possible for you to travel in other vehicles (if space is available and the owner consents) or we will assist you to get to the closest airport from where you can arrange travel home.

You MUST have appropriate recovery insurance with the AA or RAC etc.

Should I carry spare parts?

On overseas tours, you should definitely carry the basics such as oils, brake fluid, steering fluid, fuses, belts and coolant, and any other items known to be a weakness on your vehicle.

On UK tours it’s not so important but always make sure your vehicle has been checked and all defects have been repaired before joining any of our tours.

Can I bring my children and pets?

Of course, but children must be supervised by you at all times. Pets must be under your control at all times.

If on a hotel-based tour you must advise us about how many children and pets will be accompanying you, as arrangements may have to be made for them, especially if children require their own rooms. It is best to contact us for advice prior to booking. By default, our tours are for one vehicle and two persons.

Special needs

If any member of your group has special needs, you must contact us in advance of booking. Whilst we do our best to accommodate special needs, a lot is dependent upon our suppliers’ ability to cater to your specific requirements, and we will need to check with suppliers prior to your booking.

How do I book 4×4 training?

We have removed the ability to book training online for a very good reason: training has to be tailored to individuals and available dates. For this reason, if you wish to book a training session please call Russ on 07974 356 516 or email him at [email protected] to discuss your training needs and available dates.

Legality of your vehicle

You will be driving tarmac roads, byways open to all traffic (BOAT), and unclassified roads (UCR). They have the same status as any road; drivers must have a full licence, and the vehicle must be taxed, insured and have an MOT (if required).


We expect you to follow government advice in respect of Covid-19. If you are travelling overseas with us, you must have had both vaccinations and carry a lateral flow test kit available free from here: Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) – GOV.UK (