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If you have never been on one of our tours before and there is anything you are uncertain about, please contact us before booking.

The displayed price is for 1 vehicle and 2 persons. If you need to make arrangements for additional persons, irrespective of age, please contact us.

Please note that "van/camper-type" 4x4 vehicles such as the Toyota Hi Ace and similar are unsuitable for some of our tours. If you have this type of vehicle, you must contact us before booking.

What you will need.

  • Proof of covid vaccinations and any other covid related requirements.
  • Ferries are NOT included in the price, so you will need to book your own. Please contact us for advice if needed.
  • 1949 IDP (for Spain) & 1968 IDP (for France) international driving licenses.
  • European Assistance (breakdown cover) for your vehicle.
  • Holiday, vehicle and medical insurance to include repatriation. Make sure you obtain proof of insurance from your insurance company (third-party vehicle insurance can be purchased in north-africa at the port).
  • Original V5 & MOT Certificate.
  • If your vehicle is owned by your company, you must have written proof from the company that you are permitted to use it on your holiday.
  • European travel kit.
  • Spares for your vehicle. For example: Universal joints, fuel filter, air filter, drive belt, oils for transmission and differentials, and any known item that is known to be a problem with your vehicle model.
  • If on a camping holiday you must have a good quality roof or ground tent, all-season sleeping bag, all-weather clothing, cooking equipment, fridge or cool-box (please consider power consumption, cool boxes can be high consumption, so your vehicle electrics must be able to cope. Contact us for advice.). We can hire tents, please inquire by using the form provided.
  • Even if on a hotel holiday, we often stop in the mountains for lunch, so table and chairs and warm clothing is recomended.

What we carry.

  • SPOT emergency tracker response rescue unit.
  • Spare fuel and water.
  • Hand-held radios (CB radios are illegal in north-africa, so they must be disconnected and arial removed before customs).
  • Tools and diagnostics for Land Rovers and Jeeps.
  • Recovery equipment.
  • Puncture repair kit and air compressor.

For the latest foreign travel advice please visit: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.


If paying by deposit option, the balance must be paid before the 17-08-2022. You will be sent a reminder email seven days prior to this date. Your booking may be cancelled if payment is not received in full.

If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason, you must logon to your account and cancel the booking in 'Orders'. Deposits are non-refundable, and depending on when you cancel additional fees may be payable as outlined in our terms and conditions. If you wish to transfer your booking to an alternate tour you must send a change request to [email protected]

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

We meet on Friday evening to catch the 9.15 PM cruise ferry from Portsmouth to Santander. We need to be at the check-in for at least 1hr before we sail, Russ will be waiting for you to check you in and to handout 2-way radios please fuel up before the ferry, saves time when getting off the ferry. We will have a get together when on the ferry for a full briefing. Ferry not included approx. £900 depending on your vehicle and cabins]. We are on the ferry for two nights, plenty of time to relax and enjoy the crossing,
Sunday: Arrive in Santander 8 AM, Spain regroup off the ferry and hit the road for our first night in Spain where we will arrange a hotel for the night. cost approx. £60 not included. The adventure can start as soon as we disembark the ferry as snowstorms are typical at this time of year through the Picos mountains. The Hotel will be in the Sevile area, 8hr approx. From the Port 400 miles on an empty motorway, with plenty of stops along the way.

Monday: It’s on the road towards to Algeciras this is a short journey on mainly empty motorways, we don’t rush, there are speed cameras be aware, fines come back to the UK. We should be in Algeciras for just after lunch, and in time to catch a ferry into Morocco, our first Campsite will be about 100 miles into Morocco on the Atlantic coast. [At Tangers Med we will buy vehicle insurance 3rd party approx. £70 for 10 days, for those who have not got a green card in the UK and change money for dirham] Morocco ferry £160 approx open return.

Tuesday: We fuel up and hit the A1 Atlantic coast road to Marrakech it’s a toll road but the quickest way to get where we need to be, Le Relais du Marrakech is one of the epicentres of the Overlanding world! this is our first night camping, its 300 miles, but it must be done and is worth it, time to head into town for that must-have item in the souks or just chill in the Jemaa el-Fna square watch the sun go down as the square becomes alive. Some may just wish to hang out by the pool at the Campsite, beer/wine and good food available.

Wednesday: Into town for that last shop at the supermarket everything but alcohol available it is amazing. This is also the place to buy a data sim card for your phone £10 for 10G approx. Next stop Atlas Mountains, via Tiz-n-Test, classed as one of the most dangerous roads in the world built by the French Foreign Legion, we head over the top and drop down towards Taliouine this is where you may even see goats climbing trees, we turn back into the Atlas Mountains to spend our first-night wild camping at about 2500 m, it will be chilly with the backdrop of the highest mountain in North Africa Mount Toubkal, in the morning there may be a touch of frost about but the sunrise will be magical. [4 seasons sleeping bags a must!]

Thursday; Breakfast watching the sunrise over the mountains and straight onto the track along the spine of the Atlas, passed deserted villages and through canyons over rich lush meadows for sheep/goats and horses, we drop down and head through the Tiz-n-Bachkoum pass and drop down even further towards Foum-Zguid where we will pick up fresh bread and supplies before heading into the desert towards Lac Iriki, here we will wild camp again after clearing the military check-point, sweets/cigarettes help us through the post it’s a game. Tonight, after setting up camp it’s time to sit back around the fire with a glass of wine and look at the stars.

Friday: the real driving starts here through soft sand over dried out lakes, and Stoney outcrops it has it all. Here we will be passed by tourist Toyota’s flying along in convoy, café restaurants/auberges in the middle of nowhere. It’s alive with everything your mind has imagined. Tonight, again maybe wild Camping depending on how well we have travelled, through border villages not too far from Algeria, past old Foreign Legion Forts and into the Oued Draa.

Saturday; Is a short day all thing permitting! We travel through sand dunes and river beds before re-joining the road to Zagora, here we have a choice of Campsite or auberge, on arriving we check in the at Garage Iriki and Aziz and his team will check our vehicles over grease the prop shafts, blow out the air filter and generally make sure you are safe!!!, next door to Garage Iriki is a brilliant Auberge Chez-Ali, which we can check into if you want a break from Camping, approx. £25 for the night B&B not included, swimming pool fabulous gardens, and a beer or 2. Campsite just down the road as well it’s up to you after 3 nights wild Camping. Garage Iriki is worth every penny [cost about £10 for the check over] He carries a large stock of Land Rover/Toyota parts as well. Preventive maintenance is especially important on this kind of trek. Zagora is the town with the famous sign for Timbuctoo.

Sunday: On the road, vehicles refreshed, and yourselves and back into the desert, today the scenery changes beyond belief becoming more mountainous with massive plateau’s in between, here we are heading towards the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, it’s a long day and we will need another night wild Camping before we get there. Today its mountains/plateau’s/sand dunes/dried out riverbeds, salt lakes everything in one day. Night-time under the stars

Monday: On the road towards Erg Chebbi, calling in at my old friends at Porta Sahara for tea/coffee, we should arrive in Merzouga around lunchtime, where we fuel up, and head off into the sand’s dunes for the best fun in a 4×4 you will ever have. We end the day at a great campsite near Erfoud, collecting supplies from the town first.

Tuesday: On the road towards the Algerian border through rivers beds and along cliff faces until we work our way up onto the escarpment, here you will see massive waterfalls but doubtfully any water when we get there. Today we are heading for Rekkam Boudnib camping, this French-owned Campsite is voted the best in Morocco by Overlanders and is a fabulous place to eat and drink with Francois the owner.

Wednesday: Breakfast in Boudnib is normally pancakes to set us on the road! Just for a change its tarmac all day, via Ar-Rachidia to Azrou this route takes us through the Ceder Forests, with monkeys at the side of the road with their handlers waiting for cash for pictures, this is another day on tarmac taking the town of Midelt, on route to an evening that on arriving looks like a version of Disney Moroccan style, its different to say the least.

Thursday: On the road to Chefchaouen via Ifrane and Fes today we travel through the Riff Mountains, again on tarmac but as we travel up through the mountains the roads go from tarmac to track and back again, it’s a long road trek but it makes Thursday a short day with plenty of time to get to the port. Chefchaouen more commonly called the Blue & White City is an incredibly special place to spend your last evening in Morocco, wander the streets and take in the atmosphere, we have a choice tonight of Camping at the only Campsite in town looking over the city or you may want to up-grade to the Atlas Hotel next door it’s up to you.

Friday: Chefchaouen to Tangers Med to catch the ferry back to Algeciras and overnight at the Holiday Inn Express
Saturday: Travel from Algeciras to Salamanca, a 400 miles drive to the jewel in the crown for our last evening of the holiday, it’s a very special place to end your ardventure
Sunday: We travel from Salamanca to Santander heading off on the last leg to catch the 3 PM ferry to Portsmouth.
Monday: Time to relax on the Brittany Ferries cruise ship back home, we should arrive UK time 8.45
mileage in Total Spain/Morocco 3500 approx.

Vehicles: Suitable for vehicles such as Discovery 3/4/5, Defender, Range Rover, Shogun, Land Cruiser, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, prepared for off-road & Camping
Tyres: All-Terrain such as BFG KO2’s or better including a full-size wheel and tyre and if you have an odd size tyre a 6th spare tyre.
We provide, guide vehicle with support equipment, first aid, recovery equipment, diagnostic, and tools, air jack, 2-way radios for comms, an experienced guide / first aider/ mechanical knowledge.

You need.
1/ International Driving permit for Spain & Morocco they are different, you can get from your main post office.
2/ European Assistance for your vehicle and holiday/medical insurance
3/ V5 & MOT Certificate originals
4/ Green card / Vehicle insurance, 3rd party insurance can be bought in Morocco at the port.
5/ European Travel kit, spares for your vehicle such as U/J’s, fuel filter, air filter, drive belt, oils for transmission/diffs and any known item that is known to be a problem with your model IE in tank fuel pump on a TD5 Defender, try and get sale or return from your local garage.
6/ Ardventures lead vehicle carries extra fuel, water, tools, recovery/winch equipment so you do not have to. We provide 2-way handheld radios, CB’s are good to have but illegal in Morocco we hide CB & aerial until through customs. We also carry a compressor for tyres when airing up after any sand driving, puncture repair kit, diagnostics for Land Rovers and Jeeps
7/ Emergency tracker response SPOT Rescue unit.
8/Camping good roof or ground tent, we can hire you a RV3 or RV4 Oz-Tent, all seasons sleeping bag very important it’s a good one temp can drop below freezing, cooking and camping gear, table chairs, fridge or cool box [cool boxes drain a lot of power] I have a 52 litre fridge as a backup , all weathers clothing, including winter clothing hats, gloves, coat as well as summer clothing and in between


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