Pyrenees (Hotels) 4×4 tour Les to Andorra 5th to 13th of October 2024


Availability: 2 places available (1 place = 1 vehicle with a maximum of 2 occupants. You must contact us before booking if you need to make provision for additional persons. Ferries are NOT included in the price.)

Important Information

If you have never been on one of our tours before and there is anything you are uncertain about, please contact us before booking.

Tour Requirements

What you will need

  • 1949 IDP (for Spain) & 1968 IDP (for France) international driving licenses.
  • European Assistance (breakdown cover) for your vehicle.
  • Holiday, vehicle and medical insurance to include repatriation. Make sure you obtain proof of insurance from your insurance company.
  • Original V5 & MOT Certificate.
  • If your vehicle is owned by your company, you must have written proof from the company that you are permitted to use it on your holiday.
  • European travel kit.
  • Spares for your vehicle. For example: Universal joints, fuel filter, air filter, drive belt, oils for transmission and differentials, and any known item that is known to be a problem with your vehicle model.
  • If on a camping holiday you must have a good quality roof or ground tent, all-season sleeping bag, all-weather clothing, cooking equipment, fridge or cool-box (please consider power consumption, cool boxes can be high consumption, so your vehicle electrics must be able to cope. Contact us for advice). We can hire tents, please inquire by using the form provided.
  • Even if on a hotel holiday, we often stop in the mountains for lunch, so table and chairs and warm clothing is recommended.

What we carry

  • SPOT emergency tracker response rescue unit.
  • Defibrillator
  • Emergency first aid kit
  • Spare fuel and water.
  • Tools and diagnostics for Land Rovers and Jeeps.
  • Recovery equipment.
  • Puncture repair kit and air compressor.

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Meeting Point: Channel Tunnel, 7:30 AM
Destination: Limoges for an overnight stay (8hour journey on toll roads)

Morning: Visit the memorial in OradoursurGlane (
Midday: Lunch in Cahors
Afternoon: Continue to Les, Spain (6hour journey on toll roads)
Accommodation: Hotel Europa, Les 25540 (family-owned, by the river, 2 nights)

Morning: Drive through lush forest tracks, loop back to Les
Lunch: Tapas bar in Bossost
Afternoon: Scenic drive up to Pic de Montlude (2517m), with possible snow. Return to Les.
Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant known for its excellent food

Morning: Drive through Val D’Aran valley, “avalanche valley,” with a drinks break at Sauth deth Pish waterfall (1,553m)
Afternoon: Ascend to Col de Varrados (2000m+), descend to Baguergue, then travel to Refuge Montgarri for lunch. Continue to Hotel Victor in Rialps for 3 nights.
Evening: Dinner at the hotel restaurant

Morning: Fuel up and get supplies. Drive to Port de la Bonaigua ski resort, known for its 37 hairpins.
Afternoon: Drive on tracks above Super Espot ski resort, crest Col d’Exoil, traverse mountain pastures.
Evening: Option to visit Sort. Dinner at a local pizza restaurant or village bars/tapas.

Morning: Breakfast, then drive to Port Aine ski resort, continuing to the top for panoramic views.
Afternoon: Lunch at a Refuge, then a full day on tracks with minimal tarmac, driving through narrow village streets.
Evening: Return to Rialp around 6 PM. Dinner at a local tapas bar.

Morning: Drive from Rialp to Andorra via the smugglers’ route, with a drinks stop in Tor.
Afternoon: Arrive in Andorra by 1 PM. Dutyfree shopping.
Evening: Overnight at Hotel Pyrenees in central Andorra (underground parking available)

Journey: Return through France, overnight stay in Le Mans.

Return: Head back to the Channel Tunnel for the journey home.

All hotels in France and Spain include bed & breakfast. Tunnel not included.
Option to travel via Brittany Ferries, Bilbao, or Santander.

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