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SPOT Emergency Communications

SPOT Emergency Communications System
SPOT Emergency Communications System

We have renewed our SPOT Emergency Communications System. This little piece of satellite communications equipment enables us to stay in touch no matter where we are in the World, even when there is no phone signal. When you travel to the remote places that we do, maintaining communications at all times is vital to the safety of the group. Although we’ve never had reason to use it yet, and probably won’t, it’s best to be prepared. This is one reason amongst many you can have “trust in Russ.”

In addition to the above, Russ has done all the tours you join. In fact, they were recce’d and developed by Russ. Occasionally we may venture to new destinations but be assured that if we do, the tour will be called a “recce.” If you join us on a regular, organised tour you can have confidence in the knowledge that Russ has done them many times before and knows all the local hoteliers and garages where you can get your vehicle repaired and/or checked over should the need arise.

Russ is also a qualified RoSPA and BORDA instructor and is a preferred instructor to Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW). Who better to place your trust in when thinking about joining a 4×4 Overland adventure?