The final Christmas Blast to be run by Ardventures was held on the 28th and 29th of December 2021. A good mix of different vehicles negotiated the best of the Yorkshire Dales. Snow was forecast but didn’t materialise, although there was plenty of fog and rain.

Christmas Blast 2021

West Cam is always interesting and even though there was no snow or ice, the rock slabs were still very slippy. It’s a great lane with fantastic views, but this section will always test the nerves a little. Listen to the guide and do as instructed and you won’t have a problem. We did meet a group coming the other way just after this, where there is no place to pass. They were kind enough to back up until a place was found that was just wide enough to pass. Thanks guys!

The descent down Holgate was very wet and seems to be getting washed out a little; not surprising given all the rain we’ve had recently. Photographs never reflect how steep or tight this turn is. Surprisingly, the ascent at the other side didn’t cause any issues, despite how wet it was and there was less than expected water flowing in the river at the bottom.

Why the last Christmas Blast? We are planning a very busy 2023 with some exceptional treks/special events to different parts of the World. As such, it is likely our UK treks will be limited towards the end of 2022 and definitely in 2023. In fact, if you want to join us on UK treks next year, we would recommend booking now, as the calendar is just about full with very limited space to add further treks.

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