West Cam Road is arguably the most psychologically testing green lane in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, not because it is technical, but because it takes you along a single track route 570m above sea level and only a few feet from a significant drop-off at the side of the lane.

Christmas Blast 2021

Approximately halfway along the lane, almost at its highest point, you will encounter the rock slabs. It is a section where the ruts, from which you can almost let the vehicle find its own way, diminish to almost nothing, and the slabs give you the sensation that they are trying to push you over the edge. It can be very unnerving for those that have the slightest fear of heights. On a dry summer day, you can virtually take whichever line you like but in winter or when it’s been raining, the slabs can be very slippy and, as a result, if you try to drive away from the edge, it’s very possible the vehicle will slide to the edge. If there’s snow and ice about, think carefully before attempting this lane.

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