Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4×4 tour 6th & 7th December 2025


Availability: 5 places available (1 place = 1 vehicle. Accommodation is not included in the price of this tour. Contact us for recommendations if needed.)

Important Information

If you have never been on one of our tours before and there is anything you are uncertain about, please contact us before booking.

Tour Requirements

What you will need

  • All vehicles must be road legal, so insured, taxed and have a valid MOT (if required).
  • Full size spare wheel.
  • No low profile tyres (i.e. greater than 20").
  • Off-road biased tyres are required.
  • Tread patterns such as BFG AT and quality MT's are OK, but aggressive remoulds such as Insta-Turbo are incompatible with our tread-lightly policy and will not be accepted on our tours.
  • It is advisable to carry warm clothing and wet weather gear all year round.
  • Although we normally stop at a local pub for lunch, it is advisable to carry drinks and snacks for the day, just in case our schedule is delayed.
  • A full tank of fuel for each day.

What we carry

  • SPOT emergency tracker response rescue unit.
  • Defibrillator
  • Emergency first aid kit
  • Hand-held radios will be provided for the duration.
  • Tools and diagnostics for Land Rovers and Jeeps.
  • Recovery equipment.
  • Puncture repair kit and air compressor.

Technical Rating

Moderate - will encounter obstacles that can be negotiated by most 4x4 vehicles with reasonable ground clearance. Minimum all-terrain tyres required..

SKU: 2025-12-06-001-20598

Experience the rugged beauty of Yorkshire like never before with our exhilarating “Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4×4 Tour.” Embark on a thrilling adventure starting at the picturesque Robin Hood’s Bay and journey through the awe-inspiring landscapes of North Yorkshire Moors on day one, followed by an exploration of the breathtaking Yorkshire Dales on day two.

Day 1: North Yorkshire Moors
Get ready to be captivated by the untamed magnificence of the North Yorkshire Moors. Hop into your 4×4 vehicle as we navigate the challenging terrains, taking you off the beaten path to unveil the hidden gems of this enchanting region. Traverse through rolling hills, ancient woodlands, and sweeping moorlands, each offering its unique charm and panoramic vistas. Marvel at the expansive heather-covered moors, a vibrant tapestry of colours that stretch as far as the eye can see. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife sightings, including majestic birds of prey and the elusive red grouse. Our expert guides will share fascinating anecdotes and historical insights throughout the journey, enhancing your understanding of this remarkable landscape.

Day 2: Yorkshire Dales
Prepare for a day of discovery as we venture into the sublime Yorkshire Dales, renowned for its dramatic landscapes and timeless beauty. Brace yourself for a truly immersive experience as we navigate winding trails, ancient packhorse bridges, and cascading waterfalls. Marvel at the iconic limestone formations that define the Dales, each carving a unique story into the landscape. Enjoy the serenity of idyllic villages nestled among the rolling hills, providing a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage and traditional way of life. Our knowledgeable guides will reveal the geological wonders, cultural heritage, and local legends that make the Yorkshire Dales an unforgettable destination.

Whether you are a nature enthusiast, photography lover, or simply seeking an adrenaline-filled escapade, our “Yorkshire Moors & Dales 4×4 Tour” promises an immersive journey into the heart of Yorkshire’s most captivating landscapes. Book your seat today and unlock the hidden treasures of this remarkable region in style and comfort.

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    None - Accommodation is not included in the price of this tour. We can recommend the below, but if you would prefer an alternative, please view the larger map or contacts us for recommendations. It is your responsibility to book and pay for your own accommodation.

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